Music from the heart of a dreamer

Justin Woods grew up enamored with music. Ever since listening to his local classical radio station as a child, he wondered how the inner workings of music functioned.

While in college, he studied music theory and composition in the Scripps College Music Department at the Claremont Colleges. He was educated in various topic matters such as theoretical analysis, orchestration, musicianship, performance, ethnomusicology, music history and composition. Justin's primary instruments are guitar and piano, but he has experience composing for various instruments ranging from orchestral to non-Western.

Justin's compositional style is still very much in the workings. It's his desire to produce works spanning many genres and tones in order to suit an array of emotions and situations. Flexibility is at the forefront of his compositional endeavors. After all, a composer must have the ability to fit anything a client may need.